Hoblin's Hierarchy


Hoblin`s Hierarchy is an organizational system, There are versions for indivual use and versions for business frameworks. The HH system has ten (10) main sections (L1), each section has ten (10) sub-categories (L2), that create the core organization framework. See the Hoblin`s Hierarchy strucutre here.

The data in the HH strucutre can be either or both, of real wiorld things or virtual world content. Generalized data multiworld capable.

The idea is simialr to the Duey Decimal System, but of digital data for and of everything. 

The idea is to capture every aspect of an individual persons existance, or the entiertity of a business, end-to-end.


The HH system uses numbers and colors in the structre. There are six predefined open cataegories for a base structure, while there are open slots for expansions. The end-user can modify the structre to the most applicable system. The Hoblin`s Hierarchy data system is open-source, free to use, public information. Setting up HH, configuration, and manangement fees may apply.

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